A Short Explanation

In a meeting yesterday, my team was asked to introduce ourselves and give a small bit of information on our writing background. When my turn came, I mentioned my background as a Philosophy major, and that writing concise, argumentative, academic papers have been the bulk of my work to this point in time. I then […]

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Chopin and Sorrow

There is something comforting in the sorrowful notes, a window into a troubled man’s soul. Somehow, the beauty of the chromatic ornamentation conveys agony. The order, the ebb and flow, the subdued restlessness, it all speaks to me today. Day 3 of new a new medication finds me unusually receptive to the soothing aid of […]

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Trans Bullshit

How crazy can you get? Can’t make this stuff up unfortunately…. EDIT: To be clear, this is crazy because: since when did any thinking person put any stock in what a child thinks concerning their identity? Scientific fact: kids don’t have fully developed brains. Kids don’t think for themselves; they can’t! They haven’t been taught […]

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second post.

I will come up with some more creative titles going forward. Today was an interesting day. I wrote a swim lesson curriculum with some of my colleagues. I visited the Admissions Department of a local university where I have applied for employment and introduced myself to the admissions team. I researched how to make sushi […]

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obligatory first post. ugh.

I have been reading one blog in particular over the past year, and it has inspired me to start my own. I naturally feel that I have a lot to say. I am a recent college graduate! My voice is important! I have valuable things to contribute to the internet! How naive, right? Sincerely, I […]

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