Eli(te) and Medicinal Music

Eli Manning has been benched. It is a sad thing, but an understandable one. It is time for Big Blue to hand the reins to his heir, a Mr. Daniel Jones from Duke, but a few things must first be said concerning Mr. Manning’s career. As of 18-SEP-2019, Eli Manning has played the like an […]


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one year later

Exactly one year ago, I was being checked into the hospital psych ward. The night preceding, I tried to overdose in a suicide attempt. My girlfriend found me passed out on my floor, and quickly got a hold of my parents who called 911. I voluntarily committed myself to the ward for a few days […]

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what a fuckin weekend

As to where to begin, I am at a loss. Let’s start with Fantasy Football. I spent close to an hour this past Thursday morning deciding between starting DeSean Jackson and Jimmy Graham in my FLEX spot. After much deliberation, research concerning stats, and conjecture concerning role, I went with DeSean. I was slightly worried […]

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A Short Explanation

In a meeting yesterday, my team was asked to introduce ourselves and give a small bit of information on our writing background. When my turn came, I mentioned my background as a Philosophy major, and that writing concise, argumentative, academic papers have been the bulk of my work to this point in time. I then […]

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Chopin and Sorrow

There is something comforting in the sorrowful notes, a window into a troubled man’s soul. Somehow, the beauty of the chromatic ornamentation conveys agony. The order, the ebb and flow, the subdued restlessness, it all speaks to me today. Day 3 of new a new medication finds me unusually receptive to the soothing aid of […]

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second post.

I will come up with some more creative titles going forward. Today was an interesting day. I wrote a swim lesson curriculum with some of my colleagues. I visited the Admissions Department of a local university where I have applied for employment and introduced myself to the admissions team. I researched how to make sushi […]

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obligatory first post. ugh.

I have been reading one blog in particular over the past year, and it has inspired me to start my own. I naturally feel that I have a lot to say. I am a recent college graduate! My voice is important! I have valuable things to contribute to the internet! How naive, right? Sincerely, I […]

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